Why should you use a professional real estate photographer?

The digital lifestyle has made it easier for buyers to search for homes online. With the escalation of online home finding, estate agents need to up their game regarding their online property offerings. The photos used for listings are crucial to selling a home online. This the first impression that prospective homebuyers get and the basis on which the property is either shortlisted or excluded. If you are not using professional photos, you should reconsider. Here are six reasons why you should use a licensed real estate photographer.

1.) More professional.

High-quality images will separate your agency from the others by giving you a professional look. Not only buyers but sellers too will value your upmarket services, the professional pictures in your portfolio will provide them with confidence in your agency to sell their home quicker and for the best price. More than half of estate agents use professional real estate photographers to capture their portfolio. Quality is more noticeable when selling homes in the most competitive price bracket normally the lower priced and first-timer homes. To enforce the professionalism of your agency, you need to look great across the spectrum of your portfolio.

2.) Professional images attract more buyers.

Research has shown that professional real estate photography increases the number of hits on a listing by over 100%! Face the facts professional real estate photography gains more attention and gets your agency that sought after lead.

3.) Sell faster.

Professional images have been proven to sell homes faster. Professional real estate photography helps a listing sell 50% quicker. Quality images have a significant impact on sales. Mobile phone or a point and shoot camera photos will most likely only succeed in getting your potential buyers to scroll by to the next advert. Without a professional opening image of the home, it is going to get overlooked and will sit on the shelf for longer maybe even forever. By using professional real estate photographs, buyers will unconsciously assign a higher value to the listing.

4.) Gives you a competitive edge.

Sellers will unknowingly be drawn to agencies that always sport great photos in their listings. They associate better images with a better agency being able to showcase their home to sell faster at a better price.

5.) Saves you time.

Taking images yourself can be a time-consuming and stressful process. It takes time to capture the photos, and if they turn out blurry or incomplete, you have to schedule another appointment to re-shoot them. A real estate photographer will do all this for you which equates to a whole lot less time and stress with great photos to boot. They’ll shoot, edit, re-size and adequately format the images, so all you have to do is upload them.

6.) Makes you money.

Over time an excellent real estate photographer basically pays for himself. Think about it – if the tremendous professional photographs got the attention of just one potential buyer which leads to a sale the profit on that sale most probably pays the photographers annual fees to photograph all the homes in your portfolio.