Price your home correctly Enlist the help of a reputable local real estate company. They’ll analyse comparable sales in your area and prepare a realistic estimate of your property. Home staging will boost your chances of success Ask your agent to advise you on prepping your home for sale. Consider home staging to increase your properties selling power and appeal. (I offer home styling consultations by the way.) Painting A new coat of paint is the most cost-efficient improvement you could hope to make. Don’t let cracked and peeling paint make your home reflect postponed maintenance. Real Estate Agent Fix your real estate agent’s commission fee before you start working with them. Check their track record and performance. Your home will not sell itself, despite what you may read or hear or what the propensity of real estate websites say to make the process appear as simple as clicking your mouse. Face it; it’s not. Showing your Home Be flexible with showings. Allow your agent the time to show your home to prospects at their leisure; it’s a big decision not to be made under pressure. Insist on Professional Photography Of course, if you’ve hired a top-notch listing agent, they require top-notch images for marketing your property. The idea is not to record everything just for the record. The angles need to be right; the photos need to be creative, adequately composed paying attention to small details, making use of the best lighting, pictures must be colourful with depth. In other words, the images need to display your property at it’s best and must to tempt the viewer to visit it. Your Online Listing Look at your online listing and ensure the information conveyed is correct. Contact your agent immediately to fix any mistakes in the listing. Respond Promptly to Offers to Purchase Try to respond immediately to a purchase offer. Many offers contain a date by which the offer expires. Notwithstanding, it can drive buyers crazy if they are forced to wait for a seller to decide whether to accept their offer. It’s the humane thing to do. All the best with the sale of your property. Contact me if you require professional real estate photography or consulting advice on home staging.